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Geophysical Company Georozvidka LLC

Geophysical Company Georozvidka LLC was established in 2009 and is part of Zakhidnadraservis Group of Companies engaged in the exploration, drilling and production of oil and natural gas on the territory of Ukraine, and in the projects of alternative energy. The Group of Companies has discovered 10 gas fields and 1 oil field. By investing in the exploration and pilot development of new hydrocarbon deposits, the Group members are committed to making a significant contribution to developing the oil and gas sector and energy independence of Ukraine, and reducing imports of energy carriers in this day and age of growing hydrocarbon consumption.

Zakhidnadraservis Group of Companies also continuously provides material and technical support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Georozvidka LLC focuses its efforts on a full range of 2D and 3D seismic surveying (field surveys, processing and interpretation of seismic data) aiming to study the geological structure of the upper part of the crust to discover new and obtain more details of existing oil and gas fields, prepare promising sites for deep drilling, and improve the efficiency of their operation.

Georozvidka LLC has extensive experience in seismic surveys, having explored various structural and tectonic zones in Ukraine (the southwest end of the East European Platform, the Pre-Carpathian and Transcarpathian Straits, the Folding Carpathians, and the Dnipro-Donetsk Depression). In total, by 2023, the Company has performed 2D surveys in 16 areas and 3D surveys in 12 areas.

Georozvidka LLC has 2 exploration crews that include 615 specialists.

The Company has all necessary specialised equipment for field seismic surveys:

  • SERCEL 428XL seismic acquisition system – 2 pcs;
  • 408UL LINC FDU seismic cable, data digitisation unit – 9000 pcs;
  • LAUL-408,428 data digitalisation unit for longitudinal connections – 525 pcs;
  • LAUX-408,428 data digitalisation unit for cross connections – 46 pcs;
  • TREP-428 transverse repeater – 105 pcs;
  • PS-10ES geophone groups – 14000 pcs;
  • AHV IV 364 seismic vibrators – 5 pcs;
  • BIRDWAGEN MARK IV B seismic vibrators – 5 pcs;
  • Boom Box 3 explosion synchronisation system – 7 pcs;
  • VE 464 synchronisation system for vibration excitation sources – 8 pcs;
  • SEISMIC SOURCE synchronisation system for vibration excitation sources – 4 pcs;
  • STORM 44 all-purpose small-size drilling rig – 2 pcs;
  • STORM 20 small-size drilling rig – 6 pcs;
  • STIHL BT 121, 131 portable drilling rig for borehole groups (d=70 mm) – 5 pcs;
  • HAMMER HEAD manual drilling rig with purging (flushing) – 4 pcs;
  • Trimble GPS satellite tethering system (field controllers) – 6 pcs;
  • Trimble, Stonex total station – 3 pcs;
  • C.A.T.4 + Genny 4 KIT cable locator – 3 pcs;
  • off-road vehicles – 100 pcs.

In 2023, Georozvidka LLC purchased the STRYDE wireless node system (25000 Stryde nodes with equipment kit). With the node system, the Company has explored 2 areas (Pivdenno-Stynavska 2D and Hrudivska 3D) and is finishing 3D seismic surveying of the Runovshchynska plot in the Budyshchansko-Chutivska area.

Kovalivsko-Sulymivska and Birkivsko-Zinkivska areas

At the moment, Georozvidka LLC performs seismic surveys with SERCEL 428XL cable acquisition system for the largest project in Ukraine to determine the geological structure and details of the gas pool outline of promising structures in the Kovalivsko-Sulymivska and Birkivsko-Zinkivska areas where 3D surveys are planned that will cover a total full fold area of 306.6 square kilometres and a total technological area of 890 square kilometres.

In 2023, Georozvidka LLC purchased five AHV IV 364 seismic vibrators (INOVA Geophysical, Inc.).

5 сейсмічних вібраторів AHV IV 364


Our advantages

Many years of experience in geophysical work

Large selection of geophysical methods

Modern equipment and programs for processing and interpretation

Qualified staff